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Customer Success Masters® aren’t called to conquer–they are called to be pioneers. Customer Success Masters® are not on earth to destroy–they are here to create.” –Ernie Lansford

We Customer Success Masters have competitors, not enemies. We will respect them. We are here to add significance to customers. It is for the customers, not us, to decide who will prevail.

What are you focused on? Your personal success by squashing your competition or customer significance? It’s a matter of perspective.

Are You A Customer Success Master®?

Ten Traits of A Customer Success Master®

Excerpt from The Poetics Sales When Others Are Served

There are salespeople and then there are Customer Success Masters®. Some salespeople think they are successful because they have a title, a customer list and a few big-ticket sales behind them. Customer Success Masters®, on the other hand, do not need a title, a territory or special pricing programs. They understand that sales leadership is about influence anchored in integrity, humility and a desire to see customers succeed with products and services (i.e., profit opportunities).

So which one are you? Here are 10 ways to know if you’re a Customer Success Master®, as opposed to just a salesperson:

1. You believe you can increase your margin and your sales with your existing customers—and you don’t need “better” customers.

2. You know you can influence customers without having to “deal.”

3. You are never content just making the sale.

4. You generate a dialogue with your customers to understand their needs rather than manipulate them to buy.

5. You don’t need to have the final word to win the sale.

6. You take responsibility for finding solutions instead of blaming others if a customer has a poor experience.

7. You’ve recently said, “I messed up. How can I make this better?”

8. You’re more driven by expanding and deepening relationships than making the sale.

9. You’re not letting a fear of failure get in the way of you reaching your personal goals.

10. Customer appointments are getting easier, rather than more difficult, to secure.

Invest your influence in customer success to S.O.A.R. (Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships). Customer Success is The Mission; Valued Vendor is The Goal.Cheers EL


One of the hardest things about being a Customer Success Master® is pouring your heart and soul into a customer to discover they just won’t move to where we think they need to go, in other words from our perspective, ‘they don’t get it’! It’s a painful part of the customer relationship building process but ultimately, we have to accept the fact that not everyone shares our perspectives. Perspectives aside, we must do a self assessment or gut check to insure we are presenting our profit opportunities from a position of integrity and desire to see the customer thrive and prosper. We need to check ourselves to determine if we are truly working from a ‘sell through’ position vs a ‘sell to’ position.

By ‘sell through’ I mean understanding the customer’s needs, wants and pain points. How will they help the customer’s customer (family, friends, associates) thrive with your profit opportunity.  My friend August Turak says “It is in our own self interest to forget our own self interest.” August is referring to many things in life however, I am using it for sales leadership in this writing. All of this leads to a question we must ask ourselves, ‘how have I influenced the customer in the past and present?’ Have I influenced from a selflessness position (Sell through) or from a self interest position of wanting to just make a sale (sell to)? The truth is found in understanding the power of our Influence which should be inspirational.

William George Jordan had this to say about influence: “No individual is so insignificant as to be without influence. The changes in our varying moods are all recorded in the delicate barometers of the lives of others. We should ever let our influence filter through human love and sympathy. We should not be merely an influence,—we should be an inspiration. By our very presence we should be a tower of strength to the hungering human souls around us.” As a side note my personal desire is to be considered a thought leader because of my inspiration to others.

So, is there somewhere in the relationship you have influenced the customer by your actions and didn’t realize it until days, months or years later? Influence is positive and negative. We humans dwell on the negatives far more than the positive influence.

Here is an example that Jordan points to regarding Charles Darwin. “In 1797, William Godwin wrote in The Inquirer, a collection of revolutionary essays on morals and politics. This book influenced Thomas Malthus to write his Essay on Population, published in 1798. Malthus’ book suggested to Charles Darwin a point of view upon which he devoted many years of his life, resulting, in 1859, in the publication of The Origin of Species,—the most influential book of the nineteenth century, a book that upset science and created debates between creationists and evolutionist that are ongoing today. These were but three links of influence extending over sixty years. Regardless of ones perspective on positive or negative there was influence. It might be possible to trace this genealogy of influence back from Godwin, through generation and generation, to the word or act of some shepherd in early Britain, watching his flock upon the hills, living his quiet life, and dying with the thought that he had done nothing to help the world.”

That said about influence, and we are sure we’re in the proper positive influence mindset, we should ask straight up, why? “What is the reason behind your refusal to see the value of my profit opportunity, Mr./Ms. Customer?”

I’ve asked this question more than a few times in my 50 years of sales leadership. Sometimes it comes down to a deep relationship with another vendor which the customer feels is a celebrated partner. I respect that and back off however, I continue to be in touch with email newsletters like Mentorship Moment and an occasional invitation for a cup of coffee to add value and show I am deeply interested in my customer’s success. Over time the current celebrated partner fades away through career pivot or takes the relationship for granted opening the door of opportunity for me to re-engage with the customer.

Of course there is great joy when with a little encouragement, you see someone move towards their potential immediately my with your profit opportunity presented  by taking action with a purchase order! That unexpected movement due to my influence empowers me and makes it worth it!

How Many Hats do You Wear?

As a Customer Success Master leader, you probably wear many hats.  In addition to being a leader of sales critters, you are a business development specialist, marketing evangelist, and part-time psychologist just to name 3 of your many hats. Even if you are the CEO of a corporation you will be selling yourself as a thought leader as well as your business and its products.

Knowing this leads me to believe we have to have the utmost confidence in ourselves and our products, and this will be required at all times to perform at the highest levels. We should never ever assume our customers know how they benefit from our profit opportunities. We must continually keep them informed of the net gain their receive from our relationship.

Your customers will be looking to you for help and advice and enthusiasm to carry them to more than survival but potential market expansion too. 21st Century business is moving at the speed of life. If you or your team are not convinced you have the relief to customer pain points then how can your customer have confidence in you and your team?

One way to help us boost our confidence is knowing as much as we can about our customer’s needs. Doing our homework and being prepared will help us engage and build rapport when we make presentations. I know you find this difficult to believe, but as I write this and you read it, there are sales critters in the field showing up without an appointment let alone a prepared presentation.  I call these folks professional visitors and more and more customers are growing wary of this behavior. Being prepared is to be armed to defend existing territory and claim increased territory.

Knowing our customer and their business well enough will allow us to have an understanding of where our product will fit in and allow us to have those all important questions ready.

Please remember to always do your homework first, it will boost your confidence massively, grow your enthusiasm and give you the edge to becoming a Celebrated Partner vs. just another vendor.  Think about it!

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Do You Have a Mission Statement?

What is your corporate mission statement?

I used to be all about the corporate mission statement. I felt a published statement was needed to unite the troops to focus on the mission to help the company win. However, I have learned in my 50 years of business, when I wake up in the morning and think about what I’m going to fight for, it doesn’t sound like a typical corporate mission statement.

We’re humans. We need to feel inspired. Every single day of our lives 24/7/365. Frankly, you and I are no different from our customers. I bet they can relate to what I just stated.

I believe Customer Success Masters® who understand the humanity of business – are the ones customers will fight to do business with.

It’s pretty simple. If you want a sales team dedicated to making incredible things happen, give them a reason. If it’s only money, it’s probably not going to sustain the business… and you won’t meet targets for very long. Please do not misunderstand me, businesses need to make money to survive. We all get that. Let’s not confuse the requirement to be profitable with the humanity side of the business. Frankly they are intertwined in my opinion.

The point is, the usual corporate core values I used to preach about — “Integrity, passion, community, customers, etc.” are meaningless to most of your team and customers if the corporation doesn’t have values that connect with its humans. And if your mission statement is corporate speak as well, you’ve lost them.

I believe deep in my heart that Customer Success Masters® are driven by their core human values with a real, deep connection to their customers. That’s how mission and core values should be: the human values, at our core, that drive our mission. John C. Maxwell, my virtual mentor calls this intentional living.

In many ways the role of business has changed, and it requires a re-think. How’s your corporate mission statement feeling right about now? Think about IT!!


What is Your Calling?

I was never that smart in school or talented at school sports, I was never a genius or particularly good in HS or community college. I did love music and played piano from age 7 and saxophone in the 5th grade. I was in the HS marching band from grade 7-12.

When I was about nine years old, I realized through my parent’s experience of purchasing a piano, that the business of music was my calling.  I had no idea what, when, where or how, but I knew at age nine I was destined for a career in the business of music. My imagination of the future in the business of music was super active.

I hung out at Phipps Piano Company in Birmingham, AL every chance I got. I became a fixture there on weekends. I loved being around the business side of music.

By the time, I was old enough to drive I was taking my friends to see Mr. Phipps who sold their parents VOX equipment for my friends to form a band.  This was 1964. The British Invasion was in process.  Bands were forming daily in garages across America. Mr. Phipps paid me what he called a bird dog fee for bringing in buying customers.  Today we call it an affiliate link.  I enjoyed the money but really enjoyed seeing my friends enjoy their new gear more than the money (possibly this is a lesson in security needs for a future post).

I wasn’t interested therefore not good at the academic stuff, but I knew how to help make kids successful with gear.  Two HS teachers, in particular, suggested I drop out of school to work as a laborer or in a grocery store because they considered me dumb as a stump because I talked about the business of music almost all the time. They were certain I would never succeed in the  business of music and pro audio. I graduated HS and started full time with Mr. Phipps at age 17. I eventually became a district sales manager for a small musical instrument products distributor  (note, I wasn’t the first choice. I was the only one to accept the gig because other candidates did not see the opportunity I did).
After several years in successful field sales as a rep (always number 1 in one or more categories), I applied for an opening in sales management with my employer at the time. After a battery of IQ-type tests, my employer told me my intelligence level was not at his desired level and I should give up my goal of sales management. However, he said I scored in the highest percentile in the nation for sales leadership, therefore, I should remain a successful sales critter in my territory (he confused the difference between management and leadership nor could he accept I did not have a college degree).  I never quit helping my customers succeed in the business of music, even when I was told in no uncertain terms by my elders, that I would never make good living selling pianos, organs, guitars, amps and sound gear, especially if I wanted to move into what they considered a management role.
I just carried on regardless, because like I said, I knew my calling and my creative imagination to help others succeed with my profit opportunities would see me through. Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge and who am I to disagree? The truth I have seen played out, again and again, is that harnessing  the power of my imagination to help my customers succeed helped me experience a whole new world inside of my mind. It gave me the absolute ability to examine every situation from every angle and different points of view. My friend Mark Taylor, principal at ONLINE Enterprises in Wadsworth, OH. calls this common sense leadership thinking. My desire to create Customer Success for others ruled because it is common sense to me. It was and still is my secret sauce.  And so here we are, 50 years later and I am super happy with my career thus far.  With my recent piviot out of corporate, I feel as I am starting again with 50 years of knowledge as a foundation for my growth with a super-charged desire to take my calling to a higher level.
Customer Success is The Mission; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal® is more than a slogan. It is a statement of belief. It is spiritual in concept. It is more than a job description it is a statement of a calling. It is a unique description of a commitment to help others thrive and prosper.
We do not need to be in sales leadership to practice Customer Success is The Mission; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal.® Doctors, lawyers, store clerks, garbage collectors, IT pros, CFO’s even CEO’s etc. can make their customers successful by helping them thrive and prosper with their profit opportunities. All it takes is understanding our calling.  Think about it!

Are You A Trusted Customer Success Master®?

Chief Customer Officer

I am passionate about helping sales professionals excel as Customer Success Masters by understanding the difference between 'selling' and 'serving'. Customers desire to buy vs. being sold. Teaching sales leaders the art of being customer centric vs. sales centric is my goal. I desire to present opportunities to grow, thrive and prosper to S.O.A.R.R.™ (Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships, Repeat). Customer Success is My Passion; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal®

There are innumerable opportunities for growth in your entrepreneurial life as a B2B customer success master®; it can be a challenge to realize all of the opportunities available to us. There are the glaring ones, like developing an easier to do business with than your competitor environment or being the most asked for product leader in your sales channel, but there are many other factors that contribute to being labeled an industry leader. Here’s checklist of 5 things that can serve as motivator for you — helping you rise to the top of your sales channel and stay there:

 1. Being honest! –Your customers’ trust is the greatest asset you can have as an industry leader. We can be industry leaders of bad stuff as well as the good stuff. We can be labeled as unreliable and/or known for executing agreements that are basically worthless which is a leadership position we certainly do not want to earn. Even the association with individuals within your circle known for shady dealings, can destroy the trust you worked hard to earn. We can lose customers’ trust much faster than we earn can earn their trust when we aren’t transparent. Case in Point: Lance Armstrong a former professional road racing cyclist previously held seven consecutive Tour de France titles from 1999 to 2005, but was stripped of his titles in 2012 after a protracted doping scandal. Mr. Armstrong was the poster child of leadership books for many years.  Mr. Armstrong denied doping for years while apparently partaking of the stuff when others weren’t looking. When he ‘came clean’ his trust plummeted like a rock from a mountain. Not only did Mr. Armstrong lose trust of his fans (his customers), his innocent team members took a hit as well. Even his recent ‘come clean’ stance hasn’t worked out because of the trust he lost with his fan base (customers). Keep your transactions open and transparent to enhance the trust you have earned. Be the same when no one is looking as you are when in the spotlight.
2. Are you a trusted source of information? –Customers naturally trust Customer Success Masters® that provide reliable and accurate market information. It goes without saying gossip about a competitor reduces the credibility of the one spreading the gossip. Think about the metaphorical action of pointing a finger at someone. One finger is pointed outward and 3 fingers are pointing back at you. By market information I mean ideas, marketing tips, sales tips and business tips to make one more efficient to enhance their sell thru. When you combine the quality of  your content with consistent distribution to your customers, you hold the formula for improved credibility. Improved credibility deepens your influence and we all know leadership is influence.
 3. Are you a thought leader? —Are you a contributor to your industry trade mags? Are you asked to speak at trade shows? Do you offer to speak to local civic clubs about the state of the industry and products you represent on behalf of your local customers? If not, you should offer to speak. You strengthen your position as an authority when you are sharing knowledge in your sales channel even with folks who are not your direct customer (end users).
 4. Do you have a personal relationship with your market? —Customer Success Masters® (leaders) care about more than just moving boxes month after month. I have preached the concept of “Sell Thru” vs. “Sell To” to help our B2B customers thrive and prosper. If your hobby involves using your product, What ‘sell thru’ programs can you create for your customers based on your personal involvement as an end user of your product? Programs and marketing ideas that won’t extract a toll into your customers’ open to buy — but will instead help sell more gear to their customers? I will say it again and often, I have never met a customer that refuses to buy inventory that sells. Using your personal relationship with your products enhances your credibility with your customer.
 5. Are you and your co-workers recognized with awards in your industry? —Being recognized as the best helps establish you and your team as sales channel leaders and fuels your future growth. Earning Rep of The Year, Humanitarian Awards say tons about how the producers in your sales channel view you and your team as contributors to their success. Your credibility soars with your customers and exponentially so when more than one industry producer recognizes your efforts.
                                                                            BONUS POINT
 6. Do you have a reputation for treating people well?–Whether you’re dealing with a buyer that creates purchase orders or an influencer like the folks on the receiving dock, it’s important to treat people with respect. Consider my personal experience. When I was a young rep beginning my success journey I obtained the names, birthdates and home addresses of all employees of my customers. I made a strong effort to send birthday cards with my business card enclosed and a simple “have a great day.’ comment. The influencers I touched with a $1.00 thank you card elevated my influence with the whole organization. My products were always nicely displayed and my shipments were always received and unpacked the same day received. RA’s were almost non-existent because those to whom I showed respect just handled the issue because they could vs. calling for an RA because it was simple to shrug off the issue. Decision makers (customers) want to know that their money is going to a customer success master with a respect for their non-PO producing people in their organization. Paraphrasing Matthew Gordon of Graduation Source, “Influencers are the core of an organization’s success. You need to invest in their happiness and development if you want to have any real growth and innovation.”  Test yourself. Walk around all areas of your customers business to see if you are recognized or greeted. If they do not know you or you them, then get with the influencing others routine.
What This Means To You! —Becoming a respected Customer Success Master® is challenging, and maintaining consistent respect with customers can be harder. There will always be a newcomer offering a new product or service or throwing around discounts. Going through the above list will help you fight off any challenger threatening to end your reign. BUT, you must work on the above and consistently and respectfully remind your customer that you embody the above. Remember, never assume a customer always knows and remembers why you are good for their business. Think About it!

The Worst Complaint We Can Make

The worst complaint we can make “I don’t have enough time” and I am the most guilty!

All of us are really busy people. The world moves faster than ever and we’re expected to do more than ever with fewer resources. Our personal and business lives can get pretty crazy, but I’ll tell you the one complaint that bugs me about me more than anything… I don’t have enough time. Yes, I am most guilty of using this term. The multi-tasking ‘thing’ is highly over-rated and frankly a waste of time and brain cells in my opinion. What some call multitasking is really task-switching, says Guy Winch, PhD, author of Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guilt and Other Everyday Psychological Injuries. “When it comes to attention and productivity, our brains have a finite amount.”

Recently I lost my cool witha leader in my current corporate America career assignemnt regarding a project. I blew my cool claiming ‘not enough time  to launch a project AND ‘make the month.’  I regret I lost my temper with this indidual. Thankfully I work with organization that allows folks like me to state their mind without fear of reprisal or they just tolerate me because I am closing in on my re-purpose date. I am leaning toward the former. 🙂  That said, I should have sought better understanding and clarity regarding the level of priority this individual placed on the proposed project. Clearly our views on the priority of the project were 180 degrees apart. I considered the project minor in the overall picture of our mission and he considered it a major project. We are yet to reach agreement regarding the priority of the project but we’re closer than ever and that’s a topic for a future post. Regardless of our disagrement I should not have lost my temper with him.  

What This Means To You!

The key is to gain clarity and understanding of team priorities then schedule our priorities rather than prioritize what’s on our schedule (paraphrased Steven Covey Quote).  Everyone reading this post has 24 hours each day.  No more. No less. All humans has 24 hours in their day, seven days in their week, and 365 (366 next year) days in their year. We can’t buy time. We can’t trade time. Time is one of our most valuable asset because we can’t get more of it. Time is a luxury and we all need to treat it that way. So instead, the one complaint you’re allowed to make is….I have too much to do!

Yes, it’s all about priorities. Understanding and ranking our shared priorities is key to building strong relationships with our customers (our leaders are our customers too). All of us have 24 hours and we have a list of things to do daily, weekly, monthly and annually. We can only edit, change, or improve those things. Let’s start investing more time on our priorities rather than complaining about not having enough time. We can’t add time, but we CAN subtract tasks especially busy work.


Head, Heart & Hustle

When we are ‘under the gun’ to perform at month end, quarter end or year end we sometimes lose sight of the concept of effectiveness.  Zig Ziglar used to say the less effective confuse activity with accomplishment.  So true and I am guilty.

This is reminds me of some things I have heard my friend Ed DeCosta talk about, the “Three Intelligences of Our Effectiveness.”  Ed is a faculty member of The John Maxwell Team of which I am proudly a member.

Head – Cognitive Intelligence

What is cognitive? That’s our IQ. That’s our head, our ability to think. As a leader and business person, you have to be able to think, and think hard. You have to be prepared to study in order to know your customers, your department, your team, and your people. It’s about the thinking.  It’s all about listening to understand vs. listening to reply.  THINKING!!!

Heart – Affective Intelligence
This is about relationships – our ability to develop, nurture, grow, and sustain relations with other people. Our family, our co-workers and our customers.  It has very little to do with our IQ. It’s about EQ – our emotional intelligence.  Affective intelligence is all about feelings. It’s about your ability to relate to other people, your empathy skills, and your caring. John Maxwell teaches that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When you think about teams, you want a team of people that not only think well, but you also want to have feelings associated with the team. You want esprit de corps, a feeling of oneness amongst the team members. And that is very much an emotional thing.  We all have personal and business relationships.  Some relationships are esteemed or celebrated.  Some are just tolerated.  Our goal is to move to celebrated partnership type relationships.

Hustle – Conative Intelligence
The third level is Hustle. This is all about doing – taking action. All the thinking and feeling in the world won’t get you any results on the softball field, in the boardroom, in the business environment, or in any area of life if you don’t take action. A goal without an action plan is just a day dream.

If you want to get the most out of your potential, you absolutely must take action. You have to move. You have to be conative. That means setting priorities and avoiding procrastination. Remember perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.  We must also have perseverance, our willingness to overcome, to keep going despite obstacles. All of that is captured in this notion of conative intelligence.

If you truly want to reach and use your full potential, you have to use your head, your heart, and your hustle. Are YOU fully engaged from day one of the month to the closing bell on the last day of the month? Are you bringing all three intelligences to YOUR family, your team and your customers?

Customer Success is The Mission; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal®

Customer Success is The Mission; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal®  is more than a slogan.  It is a deep belief and symbolic attitude yet simple statement of a pursuit to help my customers thrive and prosper with the profit opportunities I offer them (Encouragement/Support/products/business development concepts).  By profit I mean more than dollars and cents. Profit means net gain, higher than expected value and benefit realized by the customer.  An Investment in their success with my product or business development concept vs. cost of goods.


I began my quest for Celebrated Partnership October 2, 1965, my 17th birthday.   I was a senior at Shelby County HS in Columbiana, Al. My friends were forming bands because of the British Invasion of some fantastic bands. Because of my relationship with Mr. Ed Phipps and Phipps Piano Company in Birmingham, Alabama I would load up the kids in my 1955 Chevy Bel-Air and take them to see Mr. Phipps. He was selling VOX Amps and other brands used by the British bands. It became a weekly event and Mr. Phipps offered me a part-time job on the weekends. I have enjoyed every moment of my various career assignments since that day in 1965.


I have studied the art of sales, read many books on selling, and attended many seminars and personal conferences regarding the art of selling. All of this information on selling led me to gain knowledge about the need to be customer focused or customer centric versus just making sales. I am frequently concerned about we sales types not being “customer centric.” The real challenge is not coming up with an idea to close the sale that has never been thought of before – BUT to be willing to DO something that is not being done to help our customers succeed. Brian Tracy once said you can become wealthy by simply doing something 10% better than what is being done now. And then there is this quotation from Mark Twain:

”There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We just take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn, and they create new and curious combinations. We keep turning making new patterns, but they are the same old pieces of glass that have seen in use throughout all the years.”– Mark Twain

  Jim Rohn says just improving yesterday’s processes by 1% will be 100% improvement in 100 days.


Sometimes I over think customer success.  I am guilty of attempting to over intellectualize simple stuff.  My soon to be published book  is based on many years of selling experience. 6 years B2C from 1965 to 1971 and the rest in B2B field experience interfacing with customers of different sizes, shapes and categories. Frankly, I do not know what is original to me vs. what I learned by listening and reading. I do my best to give proper attribution if I remember the author, but most of the authors I’ve read and listened to got their ‘stuff’ from others as well. I share my thoughts out of a desire to help my sales brothers and sisters in the business-to-business sales channel to thrive and prosper, to be successful in their businesses. My experiences, ideas and concepts have worked well for me in the B2B environment. If only 1 idea or concept helps your succeed then mission accomplished.


My book will never be listed, as an academic must read. No deep research to write in footnotes. My writing comes from my years of experience and desire to help my customer’s succeed with the profit opportunities I offer. Most sales folks I have met or had the pleasure of leading, do not know their true value to their customers.

 Celebrated Partnership status is a higher calling than just ‘vendor’ status.  Celebrated Partnership status means the customer appreciates the relationship we have built to help them thrive and prosper via our profit opportunities.  Remember, profit opportunities transcend dollars and cents in favor of net gain of strong relationships; spiritual, personal and business.

 Believe it or not there are those that feel their VALUE is best earned by taking advantage of or manipulating customers for the sake of ‘making the month.’. This type of ‘vendor’ relationship is merely tolerated by the customer. We can temporarily move forward with a just make the sale mindset or we can create long term solutions to earn Celebrate Partnership status by providing above average VALUE and contribution to our customers (current and probable) to help them succeed. I am where I am in business because of the opportunities I said YES to. I also said NO to a lot of opportunities because I lacked confidence and thought the ‘financial’ upside was too difficult to achieve or I did not believe the product represented net gain or profit opportunity for the customer. I will never know if the NO’s were right or wrong, but they were my decisions and I own the outcome good, bad or neutral. I am where I am in life because of of my previous decisions; therefore I am having the time of my life. I am happy because I know my customers are happy (well, 98% of them 😉 ) because of my Customer Success is The Mission; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal™ philosophy.


I am not rich or wealthy by Wall Street standards, but I am wealthy in blessings of family, friends and deep business relationships, therefore I have learned not to worry about money. I learned long ago that the money will come when I develop myself to add more value to others than my friendly competitors. The law of magnetism really works, We attract who we are, NOT what we want. I learned long ago to be the type of person customers want to do business with and the opportunities and money will come.  An abundance mindset vs. need (real or implied) mindset. All of us have a magnetic field. Think about it! What is the molecular makeup of your magnetic field? We’re all magnetic. Our business entities are magnetic. Are you attracting customers because they are attracted to your life’s philosophy? Does your business attract the type of customer that knows without a doubt they profit from the business relationship?  I truly believe people are not loyal to products or services. I truly believe people are loyal to people and their businesses until trust is broken or the relationship is taken for granted.

Customer Success is My fuel to S.O.A.R.R.™(Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships, Repeat)