Customer Success Code 160

Customer Success Masters® aren’t called to conquer–they are called to be pioneers. Customer Success Masters® are not on earth to destroy–they are here to create.” –Ernie Lansford

We Customer Success Masters have competitors, not enemies. We will respect them. We are here to add significance to customers. It is for the customers, not us, to decide who will prevail.

What are you focused on? Your personal success by squashing your competition or customer significance? It’s a matter of perspective.

Chief Customer Officer

I am passionate about helping sales professionals excel as Customer Success Masters by understanding the difference between 'selling' and 'serving'. Customers desire to buy vs. being sold. Teaching sales leaders the art of being customer centric vs. sales centric is my goal. I desire to present opportunities to grow, thrive and prosper to S.O.A.R.R.™ (Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships, Repeat). Customer Success is My Passion; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal®

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