How Many Hats do You Wear?

As a Customer Success Master leader, you probably wear many hats.  In addition to being a leader of sales critters, you are a business development specialist, marketing evangelist, and part-time psychologist just to name 3 of your many hats. Even if you are the CEO of a corporation you will be selling yourself as a thought leader as well as your business and its products.

Knowing this leads me to believe we have to have the utmost confidence in ourselves and our products, and this will be required at all times to perform at the highest levels. We should never ever assume our customers know how they benefit from our profit opportunities. We must continually keep them informed of the net gain their receive from our relationship.

Your customers will be looking to you for help and advice and enthusiasm to carry them to more than survival but potential market expansion too. 21st Century business is moving at the speed of life. If you or your team are not convinced you have the relief to customer pain points then how can your customer have confidence in you and your team?

One way to help us boost our confidence is knowing as much as we can about our customer’s needs. Doing our homework and being prepared will help us engage and build rapport when we make presentations. I know you find this difficult to believe, but as I write this and you read it, there are sales critters in the field showing up without an appointment let alone a prepared presentation.  I call these folks professional visitors and more and more customers are growing wary of this behavior. Being prepared is to be armed to defend existing territory and claim increased territory.

Knowing our customer and their business well enough will allow us to have an understanding of where our product will fit in and allow us to have those all important questions ready.

Please remember to always do your homework first, it will boost your confidence massively, grow your enthusiasm and give you the edge to becoming a Celebrated Partner vs. just another vendor.  Think about it!

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