Do You Have a Mission Statement?

What is your corporate mission statement?

I used to be all about the corporate mission statement. I felt a published statement was needed to unite the troops to focus on the mission to help the company win. However, I have learned in my 50 years of business, when I wake up in the morning and think about what I’m going to fight for, it doesn’t sound like a typical corporate mission statement.

We’re humans. We need to feel inspired. Every single day of our lives 24/7/365. Frankly, you and I are no different from our customers. I bet they can relate to what I just stated.

I believe Customer Success Masters® who understand the humanity of business – are the ones customers will fight to do business with.

It’s pretty simple. If you want a sales team dedicated to making incredible things happen, give them a reason. If it’s only money, it’s probably not going to sustain the business… and you won’t meet targets for very long. Please do not misunderstand me, businesses need to make money to survive. We all get that. Let’s not confuse the requirement to be profitable with the humanity side of the business. Frankly they are intertwined in my opinion.

The point is, the usual corporate core values I used to preach about — “Integrity, passion, community, customers, etc.” are meaningless to most of your team and customers if the corporation doesn’t have values that connect with its humans. And if your mission statement is corporate speak as well, you’ve lost them.

I believe deep in my heart that Customer Success Masters® are driven by their core human values with a real, deep connection to their customers. That’s how mission and core values should be: the human values, at our core, that drive our mission. John C. Maxwell, my virtual mentor calls this intentional living.

In many ways the role of business has changed, and it requires a re-think. How’s your corporate mission statement feeling right about now? Think about IT!!


Chief Customer Officer

I am passionate about helping sales professionals excel as Customer Success Masters by understanding the difference between 'selling' and 'serving'. Customers desire to buy vs. being sold. Teaching sales leaders the art of being customer centric vs. sales centric is my goal. I desire to present opportunities to grow, thrive and prosper to S.O.A.R.R.™ (Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships, Repeat). Customer Success is My Passion; Celebrated Partnership is The Goal®

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