Head, Heart & Hustle

When we are ‘under the gun’ to perform at month end, quarter end or year end we sometimes lose sight of the concept of effectiveness.  Zig Ziglar used to say the less effective confuse activity with accomplishment.  So true and I am guilty.

This is reminds me of some things I have heard my friend Ed DeCosta talk about, the “Three Intelligences of Our Effectiveness.”  Ed is a faculty member of The John Maxwell Team of which I am proudly a member.

Head – Cognitive Intelligence

What is cognitive? That’s our IQ. That’s our head, our ability to think. As a leader and business person, you have to be able to think, and think hard. You have to be prepared to study in order to know your customers, your department, your team, and your people. It’s about the thinking.  It’s all about listening to understand vs. listening to reply.  THINKING!!!

Heart – Affective Intelligence
This is about relationships – our ability to develop, nurture, grow, and sustain relations with other people. Our family, our co-workers and our customers.  It has very little to do with our IQ. It’s about EQ – our emotional intelligence.  Affective intelligence is all about feelings. It’s about your ability to relate to other people, your empathy skills, and your caring. John Maxwell teaches that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. When you think about teams, you want a team of people that not only think well, but you also want to have feelings associated with the team. You want esprit de corps, a feeling of oneness amongst the team members. And that is very much an emotional thing.  We all have personal and business relationships.  Some relationships are esteemed or celebrated.  Some are just tolerated.  Our goal is to move to celebrated partnership type relationships.

Hustle – Conative Intelligence
The third level is Hustle. This is all about doing – taking action. All the thinking and feeling in the world won’t get you any results on the softball field, in the boardroom, in the business environment, or in any area of life if you don’t take action. A goal without an action plan is just a day dream.

If you want to get the most out of your potential, you absolutely must take action. You have to move. You have to be conative. That means setting priorities and avoiding procrastination. Remember perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.  We must also have perseverance, our willingness to overcome, to keep going despite obstacles. All of that is captured in this notion of conative intelligence.

If you truly want to reach and use your full potential, you have to use your head, your heart, and your hustle. Are YOU fully engaged from day one of the month to the closing bell on the last day of the month? Are you bringing all three intelligences to YOUR family, your team and your customers?