Three Words of Importance!!

Three important words to remember this week.



1. Connect

2. Abundance

3. Profit

John C. Maxwell says “Everyone communicates, few connect.”

Everyone we meet is a current or probable customer. There are no difficult customers or impossible probable customers. We either connect or fail to connect. When we understand WHY people buy what they buy, we have the basis of ‘connecting.’

Abundance is the opposite of need. When we work from a position of abundance filled with a desire to help our customers succeed with the profit opportunities available to them VS. ‘need to make a sale’, we move closer to ‘connecting’ with them. Thomas Troward says “We must look upon ourselves, not as misers’ chests to be kept locked for our own benefit, but as centres of distribution; and the better we fulfill our function as such centres the greater will be the corresponding inflow.”

Profit is the net gain the customer receives from the relationship, products and/or services offered. Profit transcends dollars and cents. Net gain is the feeling, pride of relationship and perceived value greater than the dollars or effort invested. Zig Zigar says “Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.”

Anyone can facilitate a business transaction to make a living, but those that Connect to their customers from a position of Abundance of Profit opportunities earn more than a living, they birth deep meaningful and ever lasting relationships.

Make your week great and S.O.A.R.™ (Serving Others thru Actions & Relationships). Customer Success is The Mission; Valued Vendor is The Goal.™